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Your thoughts and experiences are welcome here.
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Wink dating men of color

Originally posted by ShadowWOW
Your thoughts and experiences are welcome here.
i've not had a very successful married life but it is not a violent relationship so we take it one day at a time.
recently, actually about for a year i have searched through message boards and entered chatrooms hoping to meet someone who i could talk to and build a relationship with. i found several men who happen to be african american and i admit i have fallen into some serious get togethers and i do not at all regret any. i just find that in this case there is very little to complain over. i am caucasian, an italian american woman of 47, and my husband just is not willing to provide to my needs.i have also met other men and don't get it wrong i haven't slept with all, i look for friendship and then it just so happens that some were to attractable to let get away without knowing them. that has been my experience and i know not all people agree but it has done wonders for my own self respect.
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Loving Space

I'm in a absolutely wonderful relationship with a beautiful African-American woman. She has a gorgeous daughter with whom I'm also in love with. I state African-American woman only to be politically correct, and to show my respect towards other human beings. In my eyes, I see her as a caring, extremely loving human being, not someone of color. I love her with all my heart. I'm so deeply in love with her for who she is, and she is with me. That's all we need. I hope to set a wedding date at the beginning of the year.


Peace Out
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