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Need some advice...

I have a huge crush (for lack of a better word) on my temporary boss. I say temporary, because in August, I will be changing shifts, and he will no longer be technically my boss. Our company has a no-dating policy between management and employees, but it has been broken before. His position title is Lead, it is also a title I held til this past April when the department I was over was shut down due to the economy. But if we get past all that, this is my side of the story.

I was attracted to "Ryan" from the moment I saw him (FYI, he's 29 and I'm 24), which was about two years ago. We've seen each other on an off at work, usually at management meetings/training sessions. At our Christmas party last year, I kinda got the feeling that he was checking me out.

Well, I'm currently in his department filling in for an employee on medical leave. And I've had a amazing time. Don't get me wrong, I do my work and do it well. And I don't call "Ryan" over every time something goes wrong. In fact, I'm NOT chasing him like a little school girl. But I have noticed that he will come over and talk to me about some common interests we have. And he's always trying to make me smile and laugh. And in fact, he'll pick "fights" with me just to get me riled up. And I do the same with him. He told me the other day that I needed to smile more and not look so serious (the job is pretty stressful). Then he started calling me Cranky-butt (in addition to Little Momma, which is another favorite nickname of his). When he made me a new form to use for record keeping, he asked me how I like it. When I told him it was fine, he said "Come on, you can do better then that, how about "Yeah, Ryan, what a great job." Like he was seeking encouragement from me.

And I'm pretty sure he knows I like him. If he can't tell from the way I act, I made a mistake last year of telling a fellow co-worker that I thought he was cute. And she can't keep a secret to save her soul.

So I've been reading all this advice on how to attract a man, how to hold his attention, how to flirt with a man, etc. So I'm working on getting something started. I just think he is amazing. He's good looking, very nice, athletic, gorgeous eyes, and we have common interests. Also, he's met my sister and my mother before and gets along with both of them. My mom ADORES him

So basically, I just want y'alls opinion. Is he interested (or do you need more info)? Should I let him know I'm interested? Should I leave it alone because we work together (of course, I would be willing to leave if anything serious were to come of us).

I've been encouraged by friends and other message boards to basically take a leap and more or less ask him how he feels. But today, I had kind of a setback. He was so busy at work today, he hardly talked to me at all. I mean, I know this is stupid, but I'm beginning to think all of this is just my imagination. Any thoughts?
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Well, not to hurt your feelings or dash your hopes, but he may just be a nice guy and is treating you as a friendly co-worker would. He may detect your interest in him and just be teasing you a bit. He may also want to stick to the no dating policy.

I'd suggest, when you are having some friendly chatter that you ask if he'd like to go for coffee sometime. It's outside the workplace and if he says yes, you'll get to know him better maybe. If he says no, you'll have some answers there too.
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Need Advice

My fiancee and me have been in a wonderful relationship for 7 years now and propose to get married in 2005. He is a musician by profession and hence his work demands a lot of PR and contacts. I do understand it logically though emotionally i am still unable to take it. I get too possessive when he interacts with other girls or women irrespective of their age. I just can take anybody IMPORTANT to him other than me. Ofcourse, I hv no hassles with his family. Can you please help me to overcome this problem so that I make a better life?
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You say you have been in this relationship for 7 years. If you are feeling insecure you need to ask yourself some questions.
1 Has he given you reason to believe his cheating on you?
2 How does he treat you when you are together? Does he treat you differently when others are around?
3 Does he feed on your insecurities?
4 Even though he is in the entertainment field and has to play a part.. can you tell the difference in the part and in 3D life..
I guess my main question is is he making you feel inferior to him ... If so you need to rethink, reevaluate this relationship.
Above all when thinking though the answers be true to yourself ... good luck
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ramya, every relationship has some jealousy issues but if you are over jealouse you can end up chasing your partner away. Your fiancee is going to remain who he is even after you get married. I don't know much about entertainers but if he is a good looking guy or good at what he does he will always have females "fawning" over him. I agree with Irish_Eyes_99 you have to look inside yourself and be honest. Also talk to him and see how he feels. I think ya'll must be doing something right if you have been toegether 7 years (((((((((((IRISH))))))))))) beautiful friend.
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is there anybody that is ither dateing or dated or married or whatever to a military person if so i need your help thank you
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((((((Wicca)))))))) I think you are the same one from last year? Anyway, I used to be military brat then married military. So what's up?
Let me know talk to you later
Have a good day!
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Re: Yes........

Originally posted by Angel_Wolf
((((((Wicca)))))))) I think you are the same one from last year? Anyway, I used to be military brat then married military. So what's up?
Let me know talk to you later
Have a good day!
well my boy friend is goin in it and yes i'm the wicca from last year hehe i'm goin to college in the fall i just don't knwo what to do i really need help i can't take being away from him for sooo long i just don't knwo what to do i love him so much and my dad was int he army but they don't knwo what him yet and i just deen advice on how to cope with him being away for so long (((((((Angel_Wolf)))))) i amd usaly on like 2:30 et util 5 et some days i will probly be on tomorrow hope top talk to you soon you have a very good day!"D
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