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Oh the trials, tribulations, and TRIUMPHS of the Dating Game!
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Old May 21st, 2001, 09:57 PM   #2
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After 9 years of separation/divorce, I decided to talk to some nice men via e-mail. I went out with one, and it wasn't good. :-( Polyester pants that were too short, hair combed over the bald spot and, after three hours at the restaurant, no tip! It almost put me off dating altogether. But the other man sounds better (and voluntarily sent me his pic), and there is a man in my church whom I like very much and who shows signs of responding. Keep your fingers crossed for me! <G>
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Old August 4th, 2001, 05:17 PM   #3
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Thumbs up Wonderful New Boyfriend.....

I've had some bad problems in my relationships because I happen to fall for someone very quickly, and I am very gullible....My last boyfriend was wonderful, or so I thought, until we had been together happily for eight and a half months and he dumped for another chick....who wasn't exactly what you could call attractive. I guess after that I felt complete because he wanted me back and I had the power to not take him back However, I met my match, or so I hope about two months ago. He is the sweetest guy you could ever possibly meet...I had known him for two years even before we got together and I think that is what helped us out alot. We are also best friends, and I find that wonderful, as we can talk about everything and I always have a shoulder to lean on! Just wanted to share the good news! hehe Take care and Blessed be!
If life was our dreams and our dreams were our life...I would be living in one hell of a kinky world!
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Dating frenzy

Sometimes I think I must be crazy. Things are nuts enough with work and school........ but now I'm also dating again.

Nothing serious. I have just decided to start meeting people and see what happens. I'm not worrying about whether the person i'm dating is male or female, i'm just dating. The guys i've gone out with are so different from what I remember. Maybe that comes with getting older......... not the goofy teenagers I dated when I was young and sexually confused. The women..... well that is a whole other story. If they are Bi......... i get an understanding ear and an encouragement to date her AND her husband. If the woman is lesbian........ all I get is attitude because "obviously i'm confused"

So far, I am prefering the men......

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WillowFae, ur not guillible. The fact is he's irrational and a bigot. I know coz I've met too many of these characters. Heard of this before?..."Common sense is not so common after all".
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