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Discuss the pros/cons of being a small business owner.

Any online resources that you would like to share are greatly appreciated and welcomed, too!

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Talking I Am A Work At Home Mom


My name is Missy and I am new here!! So far I love these boards! I just wanted to say that since I started working at home in January 2001, I have made many new friends on the internet and found numerous sites dedicated to "Women On the Net". Here are some of my suggestions of other great sites I have found,
Just to name a few!! Also, a word of advice. Do not get sucked into any scams!! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!! Thanks!!
Missy Merrill
A Proud Member of The MOM Team
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<font size=5 color=darkorange>(((((Missy)))))<font size=3 color=black><br>
It's wonderful to meet you!! Thank you for the links. I left some tips on avoiding scams in the Work At Home folder. If you feel like stopping by and see anything that I missed, please add to them. <br>
I want to give you a huge <font size=7>Thank You<font size=3> for representing yourself and your business so respectfully. It gives people a better impression of ALL female business owners. =)
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Your level of professionalism will make or break your business. This is the same for people running internet sites as it is for freelance consultants. What are some tips you have on making a good first impression?
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Exclamation Proud 2 Be An American!!!

Hello Everyone!!

After the past week that our great nation has suffered through, I would like to say, "I Am Proud To Be An American"!!

I am also glad that I was able to be at home with my family during this terrible time. I work@home, and because of that I was able to help my young son understand what had happened. And also to give him the security he needed.

God Bless America!!

And my heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to all those who have been touched by this terrible tragedy!!

Melissa L. Merrill
A Proud American & A Member OF The "Home Based Parents" Team
"Only as a TEAM can we succeed"
My website is located at:
TEAMWORK Coming together is a beginning?keeping together is progress?working together is a success!

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Old August 15th, 2002, 07:42 PM   #6
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Brought to you by OPEN at American Express and OfficeMax
In partnership with The Women's Alliance and Women's Business Enterprise National Council

One idea can change your life. Why not take that small business idea you've been thinking about forever and turn it into a reality? For the third year, Oxygen is launching the "Build Your Own Business" Contest to help women get the tools they need to start or grow a small business.
Four winners will receive:
*A $10,000 grant
*A small office computer suite, courtesy of OfficeMax
*A trip to NYC for the Oxygen "Build Your Own Business" Workshop
*A TV appearance on Oxygen
Enter now:
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You have some great ideas and input here. I plan to come back and give you my 2 cents worth when I have a little more time.
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Liane Sebastian
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Pros and cons of small business

Having owned my own graphic design practice (in all forms from freelancer to design firm partner to corporate subcontractor to boutique to self-publishing house) the best part of owning my own business is making fast decisions. To see what red tape others must go through to get anything done seems quite wasteful and time-consuming! A small business is a little speedboat and a large business is an oceanliner.
On the con side, it has to be cash-flow. It seems that any service-based business ebbs and flows, fluctuating from feast to famine and back again. Regulating finances is a major challenge!
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Hello my friends it feels nice to be amongst other successful women who have dared to make a world of their own. Consider me a novice though as I am just going to step into the world of business. The ideas and other necessary requirements have already been conceived now am awaiting the availability of funds to initiate proceedings. Recently someone told me there are facilities for women in the form of grants, please tell me if anyone of you has successfully got it and have managed to establish your business, if so what do I need to do to avail such grants.
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Hi ,
i have'nt register in it yet. but can i know whether u are still continue with them? are they paying u correctly? can i register and earn from this website? plz reply.

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Hi Hreety, I think you are responding to posts that are a few yrs old. Good luck to you.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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I haven't created any partnerships as of yet, it is an area that I am interested in, however.I am a distributor for Shaklee products, a health & wellness company. I also teach others how to eat healthier, exercise and live a healthy & green life-style. I am looking for a partnership with a like-minded company. Any feedback would be helpful.
Thank You!

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Hi Lenverty,
I just read your post and you have my interest in what your doing would you please elaborate in what exactly it is that you do.
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