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Just Friends

I have been married nearly four years but been together off and on before we got married for 9 years, so we have known each other for 13. During the time that we were "off" I met Jim. Jim and I hit it off right away, except I am 5 years younger than him and when I met him I was still immature. So our relationship didn't work out, but we always kept in touch. My feelings for Jim never faded, he always.said it.was infatuation, but I knew better, I was in love with him, I am in love with him.
Every song on the radio I think of Jim, when I think about love I think of Jim. The problem is my husband is a great guy and a.wonderful father, on top of all his greatness he takes care of my sick dad, my mom and teenage sister. All of which who lives with us. I have two baby boys both under the age of 3. I think about them and they not having their father every night.or.having them every other weekend, the thought of doing that to them I cannot fathom. The boys need their father!
My husband and I have virtually no sex life, he is attractive and blessed in male parts however I have no attraction to him. When I think about Jim I get butterflies, and I can't stop smiling.
I talked to Jim today and I.told him that he always said that I.was.infatuated.with him, and he said maybe then but now WE love.each other. I know he is in love.with me too. My heart hurts, why can't I get over him?
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