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Road Blog: Joe Biden in Maumee, Ohio

On a bus tour traveling through the verdant landscape of Ohio, Joe Biden stopped in the small town of Maumee to lead a rally. According to Chief Paramedic Tom Wagener, 1500 people filled the town's main street, where an expansive American flag hung from one of the buildings.
Joe focused on the crisis on Wall Street. He noted that up until yesterday, McCain advocated for shredding the regulation on Wall Street, while today McCain blames everything on the greed of Wall Street and American corporations.
Joe said that an Obama-Biden administration would protect the investment of Americans by regulating the excesses of Wall Street. They would insist on implementing rules to create financial transparency so that Americans know where their dollars are going. In order to solve the crisis, they would create new jobs and help families keep their homes.
He went on to add that the current administration, which John McCain supports, has been cutting taxes for the wealthy, causing the United States to borrow money from China. Joe said, "McCain continues to think we should spend $10 billion dollars a month in Iraq when the Iraqis have an $80 billion dollar surplus from the oil they're selling us... Now we owe a trillion dollars oversees."
He concluded by saying, "There is a distinction between the predators and the preyed upon. We have to restore confidence to the financial system."
Sharon Barnes
September 17, 2008
En route to Wooster, Ohio

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