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Crystals Cause
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Sexual harassment from huge Company Cover up

Very simply put, My store manager made several sexual advances to me on a daily basis. He told me atleast 3-4 times a week how my butt "looked good". Asked me if i would like a Quikie as I was doing a reset on the the Quikie broom line. Other managers bought me a penis shaped lolly pop and the store manager told me to think of him when I licked it. Not to mention his constant staring at me and looking me up and down. I filed with the ethics point hotline and the investigation was done by the store mangers piers. Of course he was found not guilty. They pushed my case assside and made him re-read the fraternization policy and sign it. I then contacted the EEOC and when the case was officially started with them, I began getting followed at work and after work. Managers followed me and took pictures of my car during lunch breaks and after work. They also screamed at me away from the cameras and then tried to disipline me for having confontations. They did everything to make me quit. They harassed me everyday and even began writing me up for evey policy violation they could find. After enduring this for 8 months I finally broke down and quit when my doctor wanted to put me on meds to cope with my treatment at work. I decieded that was too far. When I left Lowes they tried to lie to the EEOC by saying they were even and fair across the board with the write ups. When an investigation was launched they began writing people up for violations from 2-3 months back just to cover there lies. Lowes has refused even a mediation with me. They don't even want to meet with me to discuss the case or anything. They have been postponing for the last 2 years so they can build their case. The last and most current thing that they argued was that the sexual and sales floor harassment was not sufficiant enough to constitute actual harassment.

For more info, documentation, and proof please visit "crystals cause" on facebook.
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That's horrible, Crystal. Good luck with the proceedings.
"Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior" - Socrates
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Thats Horrible

I think it is time for us women to start to take i stand in our various societies and know are rights, so as to put an end to sexual harassment.
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