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On the Ground: The End of September

With 35 days left, supporters are ramping up their efforts to make sure everyone is registered to vote and that undecideds have all the information they need to make a decision on November 4. Whether it's through phone calls, canvassing or holding meetings, people across the country are taking this campaign into their own hands.
This past Thursday, the Latino community held a town hall meeting to discuss why Latinos should vote for Barack in November in Virginia. Former Commissioner of the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission, Roel C. Campos, and Arlington County Board of Supervisors Chairman J. Walter Tejada headlined the discussion. They discussed Barack's plans to fix and strengthen the economy, lowering taxes for the middle class, and providing affordable health care to all Americans.
Pennsylvania Latinos talked to supporters and registering voters this past Sunday during the Puerto Rican Day Parade. They wore Latinos for Obama shirts and made sure that supporters signed up to volunteer.
Seniors everywhere rely on social security. While some rely more heavily on the income that social security provides, seniors everywhere would feel the affect of the privatization of social security. In Colorado alone, 557,000 residents receive social social security. That's almost 12% of the state's population.
Last week Colorado seniors joined Governor Ritter to discuss social security and the future of our economic security. They spoke about the impact that social security has on their particular lives. One supporter, Harriet, shared her story with the group.
Wisconsin students officially have their own office on the campus of University of Wisconsin-Madison. Field organizers and student coordinators are on hand throughout the week to help get volunteers organized for election day. Students are already flooding the office to phone bank and canvass dorms to register voters.
Students can make a big impact in the turnout of young people on November 4, but everyone must remember to be registered by their state deadlines. If you're a college student, make sure all your friends are registered to vote today.
In Pennsylvania, a retired Army helicopter pilot who served two tours in Vietnam named Dennis, spent Monday talking to veterans and military families about why Barack will make the best Commander-in-Chief.
As part of the Veterans for Obama rally, Dennis spoke specifically about John McCain's voting record in reference to health care for veterans and the GI Bill. Unlike McCain, Barack has been a consistent advocate for veterans and veterans right throughout his political career.
September is coming to an end, which brings us almost one month away from November 4. In October we are going to need every supporter on the ground organizing and getting voters involved in the campaign. Sign up to volunteer today and make sure everyone you know is registered to vote.

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