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Voices For Change: John in Florida

A native Floridian, John was in his thirties when he first registered to vote. Finally, a candidate had caught his attention as someone he could really get behind. The candidate was Bill Clinton.
That was the first and last time I voted. I just haven't felt engaged by anyone since then -- until this year. I followed the primary very closely, and I liked Hillary and Obama both. But more than anything, I know that we just can't go down the path we're on for another 4 or 8 years.
You know, people complain a lot about the way things are now -- but if you don't get up, get out there, and go vote to change things, you're kind of a part of the problem. I figured it was time to put my name to something -- to be counted, really.
So, even though John's been registered before, he thought it would be worth going to www.VoteForChange.com, to check and see if he was still in Florida's system.
He wasn't.
He is now.
There's a lesson in here.
Everyone, even if you think you're registered...make sure!
Please go to www.VoteForChange.com -- it's quick, easy, and does most of the work for you. While you're at it, you can send a quick email to friends and family to make sure they're squared away too.
That's what John did, and now he's going to be able to vote for Barack Obama, whom he thinks, "represents the best interests of the majority of Americans. He listens to all sides before making any decisions, and as a country, we're in need of a leader like that." As John says,
We've had 8 years of a guy who had his mind made up before he even took office. He's the guy who everyone said made decisions from his gut, and that was supposed to be a good thing. Now they're saying the same thing about McCain -- that he works straight from his gut.
Well, we've had 8 years of gut.
I want someone who uses their brain.
All in favor, go to:
Register. Spread the word. Be counted.

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