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How can I know?

Hello everyone,

It is my first time on these forums and I am not even sure whether I should be writing here. I don't know where to start; but I would rather not write down my personal history. I guess I am just wondering how I can know if I am a lesbian or not? I have had very little experience with guys. Dated a few when my borderline personality disorder was at its worse. But nothing serious ever happened. I find myself disgusted at the body of men. I am only attracted to their face and personality. And I think I might like girls. Did you guys find that you too were not attracted to guys below the waist? I am sorry if I worded this in a stupid way, I am just confused and I have been for a great part of my life. By the way, I am 22 years old.

Thank you for any help
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Hi Nature, I'm 24, but have always been attracted to guys - top to bottom. LOL. There are other sites here though that you could check out. Those there may be able to help you out more than I could. Good Luck!
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Hi Nature Girl,
You are the only one who knows in your heart if you are str8 or lesbian or even bi. It is an issue you have to decide on your own. However I would suggest you find someone that you can talk to about your feelings. Maybe an older adult, a counselor, or a close friend that you can trust. Wish you the best. Hope things work out for you.
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