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I son is 1 and he walks around saying the F word...I try to turn it around and say truck or something like that but with no such luck....Any suggestions for me?
He hears it everywhere, we try not to say things like that in front of the kids, but it really only takes once.
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Old May 31st, 2001, 05:00 PM   #2
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Pick replacement words, like truck, and pretend that every time he swears he's actually saying the replacement word. We would say, "yes, walk" and then walk our son around acting very silly. Just make sure everyone that takes care of him is using the same replacement word, and doesn't acknowledge the fact that he swore. It has to be more fun for him to say the replacement word than to naughty one.

This worked really well with our son who is turning 3 tomorrow. Good luck!

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Old June 13th, 2001, 09:40 PM   #3
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Kids repeat what they hear. If you or people in the house say words that are unacceptable then the kids will repeat them. If someone around you says it ask them to stop. If you child hears such language on TV, then he's watching the wrong kinds of shows.

You can't protect your children from the world, but a mother's job is to help a child learn what is acceptable and what isn't. Replacing the swear word with another similar sounding word will work for a while, but new words will come, trust me on this. I've raised three boys. The things they will repeat in public are just starting...and they will pick the most unacceptable time and place to do so, too.

I shall never forget my 1 year old niece's comment years ago. When my sister dropped an egg on the floor it broke , and Abby quite clearly looked at it and said, "ewww... egg shit!" We dropped the word shit from our language and so did she.

Above all, don't punish or make a huge ordeal out of the repetitive swear word. It only adds to the glory of the use. That's where a replacement word can help a lot. Patience. Remember motherhood is an adventure!
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Old October 27th, 2001, 05:56 PM   #4
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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a kid who swears LOL. Kids imitatewhat they hear that is how they develop language skills. I have had Sallvie in speech now for over a year.. he no longer needs speech. I asked the speech therapist one day what to do about Sallvie swearing. She said to tell him " We do not say that word ." and to replace it with a more acceptable word. She also suggested not to act upset or shocked. If you show that it bothers you the child will do it just because they know it can get attention.
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Old April 21st, 2002, 06:30 PM   #5
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Another reason for a pondering woman to consider before having children.
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Old October 29th, 2004, 01:59 PM   #6
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related story

just a quick note, to offer hope i s'pose. At the time my son was learning to speak his dad was still with us and said S**T a lot. He finally learned to curtail it when, after church one Sunday, Matt proceeded to "greet" the pastor with a loud S**T , S**T,S**T !! The hopeful part of this is that he is now 14 years of age and, generally speaking, very respectful and doesnt cuss around those he shouldn't ( i am not naive enuf to think he doesnt do it with his friends lol )
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Old October 29th, 2004, 02:10 PM   #7
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LOL! I had a similar experience Pegasus... when my daughter was 2 1/2 and her father and I were newly divorced (she's now almost 13!! as you can see in my avitar!) he was late one day...and she came stomping down our stairs from her room when he got there..put her hands on her hips looked him squarely in the eye and said... "Dad... Where the Hell have you Been???" I felt like hiding in a hole!!!! Needless to say...Kids learn what they hear and see!!!! So, I quit swearing in front of them immediately!! Still to this day, I have made it a habit to not swear in front of them...we say darn... bummer... oh pooh... etc. and when I'm really really annoyed I say.... "GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!" that makes them giggle still!!
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, a gr8 peer support
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So what do You use instead of cussing?

one of my favs is <red>S <black>ugar <red>H <black>oney <red>I <black>ced <red>T <black>ea {take the first letter of each} and then we have sonofabiscuiteater!! and of course u get mad and shout FFFFUUUUUUdge and it helps if u get off ur ASSSSSSSSSets and work at it a lil!!
What are ur favorite or well used alternatives?
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