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Old February 19th, 2001, 06:09 PM   #1
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Are there any other women out there as addicted to scrapbooking as I am? I am so hooked on doing this. I love collecting supplies for scrapbooking almost as much as doing it.I have always loved photography, and now I have something to do with all of my boxes of photos.Let me know if you have the same addiction!
Jennifer Dockum
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Old January 22nd, 2002, 01:35 PM   #2
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I am sorry to say I only just found this folder. If you are still out there I am totally addicted to scrapbooking! I have finished in upwards of 17 albums. My husband thinks I'm nuts but he loves the finished product. I have a list of scrapbooking sites at home on my desk. (I'm at work) Being as I live in Alaska where there are few places to buy supplies I live on the internet. I am also dedicated to http://www.CreativeMemories.com ! I visit my consultant here in town once a week for scrapbooking time. I know that at least once a week I can dedicate time to my albums.

Anyone else caught the scrapbooking bug?
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Old May 21st, 2002, 08:53 PM   #3
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Hello Jendoc and frozen.

I haven't gotten into the scrapbooking craze......yet. lol But, I love going to the scrapbooking aisles and just had to add to my crafting supplies some fancy scissors and permanent acid free pens and some fancy papers.

I saw a TV show once on scrapbooking and the lady had a very good point to make. She said that some people are reluctant to journal in their scrapbooks because they think their penmanship is not neat enough. She asked: if you had your grandmother's scrapbook, would you really care if her writing was a bit messy? Or, would you be grateful to read her words and see the dates?

So, even if your writing is not to your liking....it's a good idea to record your thoughts, feelings, dates.
"Believe in yourself, for you are important and you matter." Flavia
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Old May 22nd, 2002, 10:38 AM   #4
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One way to get around that would be to find a "handwriting" font you like for your computer, then type up the dates and things you'd like for your scrapbook and print it out.

You could print it on decorative paper, if you wanted. Once it's printed, you could cut it out using the decorative scissors and in whatever shape you wanted.

Or if you didn't want the paper tag look, you could print it out on transparency paper and the background of your scrapbook would be the background of the writing.

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Old May 22nd, 2002, 07:07 PM   #5
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That sounds like a great idea Tammy.
Thank you.
"Believe in yourself, for you are important and you matter." Flavia
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Old July 8th, 2003, 04:10 PM   #6
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Yes, I love scrap booking! Years ago whne I started I could only order supplies through "Creative Memories" It is so nice, now you can buy stuff everywhere. It is a great way to keep all those memories in a safe place! I now got my mom into it, so we can do it together. It is alot of fun and so relaxing!

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Old December 8th, 2004, 10:41 PM   #7
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I love scrapbooking but I just find myself having less and less time. Recently though i tried having a company called Photoworks.com since I got a coupon code for 25% off. Their selection and prices were great. I got a photo book made from our family vacation and it turned out awesome. I was even able to personalize it as much as I wanted. I even decided to get some photo cards made for the holidays. I cant wait to see how they turn out. Here is the code in case anyone was interested C140-38-5101-11-64
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Old June 28th, 2008, 09:28 PM   #8
Napolitana <3
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i use to LOVE scrapbooking but now i cant do it anymore...everytime i scarpbook something that thing never lasts either im not talking to the ppl in those pics anymore or the memory has gone bad...so now im scared to spend the money and the time to make something so nice if in the end there is a chance i will hate everything in it
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