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Question Breast Enhancement

Hi. . .my name is Leigh. Married and Have a happy sex life. One day my husband talk to me and he says that he want a bigger breast. He recommend me to take breast enhancement pill. What do you think is the best option to get increase breast size? I read breast enhancement reviews but I think much better to hear from girls whose experience. Let me know the effect on you and how effective it is?
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Sorry Leigh, but I can't help you. I don't have huge breasts (I'm a 36C), but I like them and my boyfriend does too. I just feel that a person should go with what they were given, whether it be a woman's breasts or a man's penis.
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Hello Leigh, I absolutely agree with Jenn (imagine that), but I also have a different perspective as I happen to be a triple D... Let me tell you, bigger... it's not always better. Bigger breasts come with bigger problems...back aches, tension headaches, problems finding stores that carry the right size, ect.ect....

Be happy with what you were born with and tell your husband that size isn't everything. If he truly loves you, breast size shouldn't matter. And I'm guessing that if you have a happy sex life anyway....it probably doesn't matter as much to him as you might think.
"Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior" - Socrates
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