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At what point do you transition to adulthood? What constitutes being an adult?
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Tampon Tackles the Virginity Myth

Today in WS we had a discussion on what our parents taught us about body changes. A lot of them were very negative or incorrect. My grandmother told me that "good girls" didn't use tampons. She also confined us to our rooms during our periods while we were home. I saw this ad in a women's magazine this afternoon and was tickled pink:

"Don't wash your hair during your period. Or take a bath. That's what almost every woman we know tells us. Whether it's an old wives tale or a cultural myth, we've heard all the do's and don'ts when it comes to our period. Don't lift anything heavy. Don't wear tampons or you'll lose your virginity. Well, what about this one: don't believe everything you hear. The fact is you cannot lose your virginity if you wear a tampon. Nor will a tampon stop the natural flow of your period. But isn't it time you found all this out for yourself? The creators of the Tampax Total You Tour created a complete guide about the menstrual cycle and the proper use of tampons. All you have to do is call 1-866-545-8427 to receive your free Learner's Kit, including eight smooth and slender Satin Lites. Not that mama, sister or girlfriend aren't right about certain things. Just not everything."

It took me 23 years to try tampons, not tampax, I like OB myself. :-) But I'm so happy that someone is making a statement against these "dirty" myths. I'm also so happy to see it in a women's magazine where mothers will be able to see it, and hopefully use it if they need to. I know if my grandmother had handed me a Learner's Kit versus treating me like a leper I would have felt much better about starting the cycle.
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I don't use tampons because I have a problem with clotting and tampons seem to make the problem worse.

I'm not a doctor, but I wonder if there are some people more susceptible to infection from tampon use?
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I could brag here and say I don't need them anymore, but I won't.

I believe many women are afraid of tampons, and many women should ask a doctor before they use them. The danger of infections according to my GYN come with not changing the tampon often enough and with using tampons that are simply too large thinking they will absorb more. In truth, if you're bleeding badly enough to need to change tampons more than once every 2 hours, you should not use them according to my GYN. Tampons should be good for about 4 to 6 hours.

My mother told me that virgins couldn't use tampons. I think that was her way of guaging when her daughters were becoming sexually active, but I still never used them until I was probably 25. That was in the day of the toxic shock scares. Today tampons are made in such a manner as to slide in and out easier so as not to scratch or tear the vaginal lining. Still, common sense should prevail.

The myths that come with woman hood are so amazing to me. I blame them on men. When men took over medical care of women, they used it as yet another way to take power from women. Information we passed down from generation to generation was no longer acceptable. The information eventually became gnarled with old time stories and speculations resulting in another fine tribute to medical science.
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Exclamation tampons and their shady creators

*news flash*

The "days of the toxic shock scares" are not over. AT ALL.
Just because we are privaledged enough to be able to use mainstream menstrual products, doesn't mean that they are safe. Alot of women are ignorant to the fact that tampons still pose a threat to feminine hygeine.
For more infO (and there is a lot out there), you can find it here:


and many other places.

tell your daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers, cousins, friends, everyone.


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Now how did I miss the thread? I am post-menopausal by about four years now, and I used tampons from about the age of 15. I sitll remember buying the first box myself, and showing my sister the directions so we could figure out how to use them. My mother thought they were a peculiar idea, but she was a fan of new-fangled gadgets, so she did not stop us. At any rate, I used tampons for almost 40 years with only one problem: I lost one once. I went to my ob-gyn, thinking I had something, though I'd no idea what. She put me into the stirrups, looked, and said, "I am about to save your life," and removed the lost tampon. I was at least 40 when that happened.

I think that tampon use--like anything else--ought to come with an understanding of your own body and a talk with your doctor.

Now, for the question of when one reaches adulthood. What defines adulthood? Surely not menstratuation. I began that at age 10.
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The purpose of raising a child is to teach that child about adulthood and then watch it grow, the way you'd watch a small plant in soil. The purpose of being a child is to learn, and grow into a competent adult. Those two ideas, facts, statements whatever you'd like to call them play off of each other emmensly <SP>. I think that the point when you have truly reached adulthood is when you stop and think oh-my-god I sound like my mother.
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Crud. Then I'm an adult. Cuz I started sounding like my mother almost as soon as I got married.

My personal opinion of when your 'grown up' is when your mother talks to you like an equal as opposed to her child.
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Old March 11th, 2002, 11:05 AM   #9
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Smile Here it is in a nutshell

This is what I think that when a person is an adult doesnt matter if you have children, married or whatever. It's when you think of others like your children and spouse (male/female) That your parents either or cause sometimes it takes one parent to see that you aren't a child faster than the other LOL talks to you as an equal as said before yet knows that sometimes that some advice is needed or not depending on the situation. As far as tampon usage and the myths, well that just goes to show you that people dont know everything and that we should do what is right for ourselves. Some things will work out while others will not. Now I have taught sex education to fellow classmates when I was still a virgin. That did make somethings embarrassing and funny. LOL Yet if we are afraid to learn then why try at all? Do the best you can seek doctors advice but basically go with you own choice and learn from it. That is what an adult does anyway. Much love and huggers
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Let the sunshine in!
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Going through the proverbial transition truly happens when you quit asking dad for money, and when he responds, ask your mom, you state...."Dad said you would give me some money!" Don't ask me how I know this though! Sunshine
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Good question. I know a lot of children in their thirties, so I guess you become an adult when you start relying on yourself to fix your problems.
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Hi I'm Erin I live with crazymomma. Also,I am looking for friends because I only have about 3. I live also live with my dad John. I attented Otto Shortel Middle School. I'm in the 7th grade and have a lot of enemys. My boyfriend just broke up with me on Saterday 1/27/07 at about 5:30.
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awesome cookie lady
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(((((catgirl))))) Hon, I love ya but you wory to much ! You may not have many friends but you don't have enemies! That's just silly. Everyone may not like you but sweetheart, that is sadly part of life. I always said, I would rather have a few close really good friends that have a lot of people like me but not know me. Erin, welcome to wow. I already know you'll love it here.
It feels like home to me. Bonnie Rhatt
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Long Live WOW!!
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HI there! I'm a mom to a 15 year old...and trust me, CrazyMomma is correct... it's much better to have a handful of really good close friends than to be part of a big clique that will walk away when trouble comes around....

WElcome to WOW!!
"Life is a flower of which love is the honey." Victor Hugo
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