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Question "Lesbian Language"?

Hi there

I read an article about gay male language the other day and I am now wondering something. I would really like your opinion on this. Do u think there is something like a "lesbian language"? If so, what makes it lesbian for you? What are your favorite terms you use to refer to lesbians? Are there terms you consider offensive or insulting? What are they? Also is there some sort of "slang" particular to your region maybe? Would be interesting to see the differences I think and to hear what other gay women living in the US think

Really hoping for some answers
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Gay men have their own language? That's...that's actually rather interesting. What was the article you read called? It'd be fun to think that theirs a lesbian language too. If that's the case, I'd most definitely like to read it lol.
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Wow...I never really thought about gays/lesbians having their own language. As a lesbian I don't really think we have our own language, just different topics of conversation that most straight couples probably wouldn't have.
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