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"Tired of politics as usual"

Over 2,500,000 people have donated to this campaign. That's 2,500,000 people who are standing for change and fighting back against the deceptive, lobbyist-driven campaign of John McCain. Since the beginning of this election, Barack has refused to take money from PACs and lobbyists because he is running a different kind of campaign -- a campaign powered by the American people and accountable to those people.

In recent weeks, the dishonest and misleading ads and statements from the McCain campaign have increased drastically. But our grassroots supporters won't stand for it. The only way to bring change to Washington is to continue to grow this movement and stand up for the principles Barack is fighting for.

Supporters started making matching donations yesterday to encourage others to get involved in this campaign with a goal of 50,000 new supporters by Friday. Here's what some of them had to say:

Matthew from Arizona:
While McCain is taking millions of dollars from big lobbyists to continue the problems that we have today with no real plans on solving anything, Obama is campaigning with money the people are donating. We need change now. It is time for big business to stop running our elections and government.
Linda from Georgia:
I believe this is a critical time in the history of politics in our country. I have never contributed to a campaign before, but this time is different. For the first time in my life I feel that we the people can and will make a difference.

We can change the face of "politics as usual." It is time to put an end to smear campaigns and "bought and paid for" politicians. I am glad you are contributing too!
Christin from Nevada:
Thank you for donating to Obama's campaign. This election is much too important to sit by and not take a stand. We can make a difference. I urge you to get involved in any way that you can. If you volunteer in your community you will meet many wonderful people and you will feel great just knowing that you are responsible for moving this campaign forward.
Rafael from New York:
Thanks for joining in support of Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

This is our opportunity to turn the existing campaign financing and election models upside down. Instead of lobbyists, corporations, and big-money insiders dictating policy, it will be us, the people, calling the shots.

This is truly an exciting time to be involved in national politics and I thank for your support!
Evie from Pennsylvania:
I am a life-long Republican who has crossed-over. I'm so tired of the juvenile "politics as usual," as demonstrated by McCain's campaign. I want someone in the White House who has integrity and strength -- a leader who will not bow to the greedy lobbyists who are controlling where my tax money goes.

We need a man of vision and conviction to lead our country...I believe that man is Barack Obama.
Anniruddha from Ohio:
We will not allow negative and political attacks cloud the real issues at stake in this election. Not this year, not when we have a chance to reclaim our nation.
Yvonne from Delaware:
I love this campaign, and I support Barack Obama. There has never been a more "for the people, by the people" campaign in history. Obama's campaign has excited and involved more people in this process than ever before. Let's show Washington what it's really all about!
Sherry from Washington:
This is our chance to show that politics as usual no longer works. We must have change. Thanks for being our partner in this effort.
Teresa from Michigan:
Thank you for being a part of this campaign. Nothing is more important right now than getting Barack Obama elected to the White House. We need to change the same old politics, tired politics. Please do whatever you can in your state to make a difference.
We only have 49 days left to build the campaign and elect Barack president. Right now, a donation will inspire a fellow supporter to join you in owning a piece of this campaign. If you are a first time donor, a previous donor (an ordinary person just like you) has promised to match your donation if you step up.

Double your impact to combat McCain's dishonest campaign tactics today.

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