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"All that they have left"

We learned on Thursday that voters in key battleground states are receiving automated phone calls from John McCain's campaign, spreading some of the most vile smears of this election. But these desperate "robocalls" say more about John McCain and his campaign than they do about Barack.

It was McCain himself who denounced these underhanded and cowardly tactics as "hate calls" after a rash of them helped sink his primary campaign in 2000. The perpetrator behind those attacks: George W. Bush.

If you or your family and friends have received one of these calls, you can help us fight back by reporting it. Documenting these calls is the only way the full extent of the McCain campaign's negative tactics will ever be known by voters across the country.

In talking about the election endgame, Stepen Rose from the Huffington Post wrote:

If Barack Obama becomes president, it will be because of grass roots organization. The people who will make the difference on November 4 are the paid and volunteer organizers of the Obama-Biden campaign.

It will be the work you do on the ground these next 17 days that will make the difference, because honest, person to person contact is more powerful than a deceptive, automated phonecall. But as FiveThirtyEight reported while on the road in western Pennsylvania:

From what we've seen, this IS the McCain ground campaign. Robocalls count as "touches" on voters, as do direct mail pieces such as this one. As David Plouffe said in today's fundraising letter to supporters, "These tactics are all that the McCain campaign and their allies have left."

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