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A place for survivors to gather
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Wink Surviving on lifes terms

I am a survivor of many different things.. Surviving on lifes terms is the key.... I have been through alot of abuse and managed to survive it all.. The thing is that that does not kill me makes me stronger and that is how i live because if i don't then all of the things that i go through in life will consume me..... My survivor skills not only help me live but the experiences that i have help others as well.... In order to survive you must be strong and not get dragged down with the stuff in life...
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Congratulations Dragon. You're a strong person.
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((((((( Dragons Horizon)))))))) Just to let you know that sometimes I wonder if the opposite isnt true. Instead of men being the stronger of the sexes, its' actually women. Look at yourself and you know just like I do that is more than likely the truth. Men are sometimes shortsighted because of whatever reasons they have. Oh well, that just goes to show that everyone needs to be wanted and feel important. I know of what you meant about accepting Life's terms. Yet sometimes those terms are changed thru other people. That is where the curve ball is rofl and we still catch it and succeed! WTG for being the strong person you are. Just goes to show you that you cant predict what or how a person will do or succeed in any given situation. Have a great day!
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Dragon, I'm so sorry for your pain. Being survivors does make us stronger, but coming through it is a challenge no matter how strong we are. Helping others seems to be a key in the healing process. You have so much to offer and I'm sure you're an inspiration for many. Keep up the good works.

I agree with Angel women are DEFINITELY the stronger sex! I wonder if it's because we seem to face so many more challenges? I'd don't know about all of you, but I wouldn't mind handing off one or two to the men.
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I have survived near drowning,an abusive relationship,being in a car hit by a train, I am stronger than most any man I think
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, a gr8 peer support
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my son and I are co-survivors.... i could list of all the ways, but the fact is, what is past matters little except in how it let us grow... now we r survivors of life and did not let ourselves become victims by it all.
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