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Talking Self Improvements!

Here is a place to put in ideas and things you have done for self-improvements. Plus for others to help keep us motivated!

Now in Manic Monday Chat the topic was Self-Improvements....a top ten list to start with. Plus some comments that are helpful to all of us.

Top ten things I would want to improve upon myself

1. Acceptance of oneself To change how I am in my thinking and more positive of myself
2. To be a better role model not for others but myself
3. To be more lenient with myself not chaotic
4. More patience dealing with children
5. To be more understanding and tolerant of others
6. Mental attitude towards myself and others
7. Changing my vocabulary
8. Losing or controlling weight
9. Taking better care of myself
10. To be a better person to others

I think its more of how we were raised and how others would
say things that would stick in our heads that we kept that is how we have a
mental image of ourselves
I have never really felt acceptance because I wasnt well
tolerated as a child
Which goes to show you that what others may have thought
may not of been right on the mark
I like to think that we are supposed to be different cause it
makes the world better

Yet I have noticed whenever I peruse the boards and etc that
those of us who have this kind of image is the first ones to help another deal
with whatever crisis
yes I think the differences in others that I know have taught me
to look at the world with and open mind and a heart
I mean look at all the different kinds of flowers there are in the
Not even the flowers from the same origin are the same
the creator is an artist
So true so wouldnt it go to say that he/she likes the variety of
all things cannot be created equal because if they were we'd all
be alike
Exactly and we'd get bored
Of course but do you realize that those of us who are unique
or different are kindred souls to others like us and usually we are drawn to
the same ones later on in life
Then over time and with circumstances and things that just
happen in life it changes and affects us maybe not right away but in the end it
does to our way of thinking?

Just to give ya'll some food for thought.

Please dont be afraid to post here for we are each others support and motivators.

Have a great day!
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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