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Unhappy Any advice ??? Boyfriend is a narcissist

What to do? What to do? Dated this guy for 2 years. He always avoided the subject of marriage. Would even leave the room if anything came on tv ... programs on weddings, etc. Here's the weird part. He always took me to jewelry stores, when we were in the mall, and had me "pick" out engagement rings, but never would buy me one. Always picked out a different one everytime we entered the mall. So, I pinned him down one day as to "marriage", and he raced out of the room as fast as he could. Wasn't too hard to figure that one out. I continued seeing him. Then, he is diagnosed with diabetes. Suddenly, he wants to elope and get married asap. You gotta be kidding me? I wasn't good enough before, now he wants to get married super fast. NOPE. ... well, I moved 45 minutes away from him, thinking I'd be starting a new life. Here he comes. Says he still loves me, wants to be with me. Well, after 5 more years of seeing him on weekends, I finally realized he is a full fledged narcissist. He can't enter a store without going to the most gorgeous checkout girl and making sure she makes eye contact with him. Always combs his hair before entering anyplace that has young, attractive women. Even the other day, we went to a casino, and he passed a young gal that was gambling and he had to sing a little ditty right behind her in hopes that she turns around and make that eye contact with him. Always has to "brag" to his father on the phone about his great achievements at work. Always bragging to me how the ladies at work are impressed with his computer knowledge and capabilities. He's 46 years old and has never been married. Has the ability to "game" on his laptop for entire weekends at a stretch. He's had 2 to 3 serious relationships before mine. I am divorced (was abused) and still do not want to marry him. Here's the problem. I love his company, but not sure how to get it through his head, I don't want the physical stuff, ... I don't want him to continue to "buy" me things and then act like I "owe" him something. I am 5 years his senior. I am not the least bit interested in ever seeing another man in my life. I do get very jealous and don't know what to do with the emotions ... going through menopause doesn't help. Anybody out there with any good advice on this one?
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