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Road Blog: Barack in Ohio

"I ask you to believe, to believe in yourselves, believe in each other. If we believe we cannot fail" -- Barack Obama
It seems like there is no end to the bad financial news. Today was another hard day for the markets, both in America and abroad. But these new stats and figures are so much trivia to the people of Ohio -- they have been hurting for years. Ohioans came out in droves today to hear Barack: 8,500 in Dayton's Fifth Third Stadium, ("Thanks to Dayton Dragon's for letting us use their stadium") and 15,000 in beautiful Ault park in Cincinnati. Police Captain Ware of the City of Portsmouth estimated at least 8,000 folks at Shawnee State, the day's final stop.

Barack wasn't afraid to speak frankly about the bad news, saying that, "You've seen your 401k turn into a 101k." But such talk wasn't why they came today. They came to hear solutions, and they weren't disappointed. Barack presented his case for responsible and measured action in the face of the fiscal crisis and the bailout that Congress recently passed to help alleviate the worst effects.

The best stop of the day was an unscheduled visit to the Fireside Restaurant in Georgetown Ohio, where Barack got down to the brass tacks with folks about the specifics on the economy over a slice of coconut cream pie. "We've got to start focusing on the middle class," Barack told some diners. It turned out the Mayor was there as well, and when Barack asked "I bet your budget is getting a little strained?" the Mayor nodded solemnly. But the most interesting conversation Barack had at the Fireside was with William Seip, the owner of the restaurant and a diehard Republican.

It was a story he repeated later in the evening at Shawnee State. You can watch Barack tell the story of his meeting with Mr. Selp below, along with the day in pictures:
Arun Chaudhary
October 9th, 2008
Portsmouth, OH

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