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Sleep is so overrated
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OK I came out as ENFJ
ENFJ: "Busybody"
Life's backseat drivers. They seem to know just what's wrong with everybody else's life and have a plan to fix it.

My GF agrees wholehartedly LMAO

But I was looking for the butch/femme test?? Did I miss somehting here?
"The hardest to learn was the least complicated" - Emily Saliers
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ENTJ: "Tyrant"
Knows better than everyone how things should be done and works tirelessly to obtain the power to make it happen that way.

Trademark:"I am sorry you have to die"

ENTJs have a natural tendency to marshall and direct. This may be expressed with the charm and finesse of a world leader or with the insensitivity of a cult leader. The ENTJ requires little encouragement to make a plan. One ENTJ put it this way... "I make these little plans that really don't have any importance to anyone else, and then feel compelled to carry them out." While "compelled" may not describe

ENTJs as a group, nevertheless the bent to plan creatively and to make those plans realiity is a common theme for NJ types.

ENTJs are often "larger than life" in describing their projects or proposals. This ability may be expressed as salesmanship, story-telling facility or stand-up comedy. In combination with the natural propensity for filibuster, our hero can make it very difficult for the customer to decline

ENTJs are decisive. They see what needs to be done, and frequently assign roles to their fellows. Few other types can equal their ability to remain resolute in conflict, sending the valiant (and often leading the charge) into the mouth of hell. When challenged, the ENTJ may by reflex become argumentative. Alternatively (s)he may unleash an icy gaze that serves notice: the ENTJ is not one to be trifled with.

Well my GF agrees wholeheartedly with mine as well!

I agree with this assessment mostly. It has been more accurate than most of these types of personality tests that I have taken. I do not necessarily see myself as a "Tyrant" but all in all it pretty much hit the nail on the head!

I am not in too bad of company though General Schwarzkopf, Whoopie Goldberg and Harrison Ford are fellow ENTJ's!
Every Soul is a celestial Venus to every other soul...Love is our highest word, and the synonym of God. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Old July 26th, 2001, 03:50 PM   #18
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My test came out ESFJ.
I would say l'm 50% of what it said.
But l'm not that much of a people pleaser.
These tests are alright for fun but i feel
shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Hope everyone is having a good one!

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Old April 19th, 2002, 11:56 PM   #19
Let the sunshine in!
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Is there a charge for this test that many of you have taken? Sunshine!
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