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Exclamation Does anybody have dream hair???!!!

Lately my hair has been in this weird funk! It's wavy, so it won't curl right and it won't stay straight. I really wish I had Debra Messing's hair. IMO I think it's perfect, I really like love soft sexy curls. However, I prefer brown hair, esp. on my complextion. Did anyone see the Shear Genius episode where the stylists had to give their clients their celebrity dream 'dos? What is your dream celebrity style???
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I've got perfect hair. Not.

But then, is anyone really happy with their hair?
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Hi PCurl, welcome to the boards. Welcome to WOW.

Hi rjsfeminist, Always nice to see you here.

Hair today gone tomorrow! NO!!

Your hair could be in the wierd funk because of changes you are going though.
Not talking "the change" but the fact that we go though changes every 7 yrs or so. Somethings change. It could be that.

Or, if you're on meds they can affect the chemical changes in your hair.

If you're worried about it see a doctor to check it out. Really a change in your diet, or anything else could affect it.

Good luck to you. Keep posting.

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Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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Well lets see..

Hi ya PCurl,
When I was younger my hair was straight and long. Now my hair is curly wavy thick and somewhat long. I have had my hair short which I found out I dont like at all. Never had a perm nor do I want too. My hair is as perfect as its going to be. Some days I wished I had hair like my sister Panky or like the latest model. Yet I have been given many compliments on the thickness, volume and etc on my hair. Thus I make do and have fun. Not too many people do I know who have short hair that was cut permed or styled in a certain way can put their hair up and have it last that way all day. So I suggest make do or experiment to your heart's content til you get it the way you want it. If all else fails just make do. Just a thought.

Welcome to WOW and do check out the fabulous chats by NanaWOW who is the angelic WOW LOL then there is the Dazzling DanceWOW who is unique and fun. Plus the awesome roomies who make chat such fun and heart warming to be there. (IMO)

Happy Turkey Day!

Stay safe warm and healthy.

Have a great day!
May you walk in the shadow of the Great Spirit~To help others is a special gift we can either give or take~The more you give the more you receive~
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