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Voices for Change: Teresa in Michigan

Teresa , 46, of Livonia, Michigan wants a better America for her two adopted children, a 12 year old son and a seven year old daughter with special needs. She has seen the effects of an economy that fails to respond to the needs of middle-class Americans, and she is ready for a change.
The loss of jobs in the state of Michigan is devastating. It leads to despair, petty crimes and the loss of hope for so many people. I hope and pray that this will be a turning point for our country and we will move forward in a positive direction… I am tired of business as usual in Washington, and I’m tired of all the lobbyists running the show.
Earlier this year, Teresa shared the story of a family in her community trying to make ends meet.
Our subdivision is experiencing its first family who can’t make their bills due to unforseen medical bills, and we are sponsoring bottle drives and giving them gift cards to grocery stores and gas stations to help them stave off losing their home.
Teresa says that home foreclosures have been a serious problem in Michigan, and she sees the struggling auto-industry as one of the clearest signs of this economic hardship.
Here in Michigan, as the auto-industry goes, so goes the economy. I don’t understand why we can’t give a tax break to the companies who keep the jobs here in the U.S., instead of the ones that ship jobs overseas. Everything I go to buy is made in China. I work my tail off brining in Michigan products. Also, I’m struggling with why American car companies haven’t made more cars that get at least 30 miles per gallon.
Senator Obama’s plan to fix the economy would end tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas and invests in new, alternative energy sources to create more than 5 million new “green” jobs.
This weekend, Teresa plans to help Barack put his plan into action by working hard with other volunteers to get him elected president in November.
We’re going to do some canvassing this Saturday. I haven’t done it before, so I’m a little nervous. But it will be fine, and I wouldn’t mind turning a couple of people’s minds onto our side.
This election is the first time Teresa has donated to a campaign, and she has been encouraging her friends to do the same. And, while looking online to buy some Obama t-shirts, she said, "I was glad to see that they were made in America."

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