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Question Snacktime!

What do you give your kids for afternoon snacks...or do you even let them eat between meals? I think that a sweet treat is okay as long as you?re providing 3 balanced meals for them, no?

Oohh, here's a new one my son came across...freezing poptarts! Hahaha, seriously. I even saw it on the site, www.poptarts.com.

What are some of your fun creations??
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My 3 year old like to eat broccoli dipped in peanut butter for a snack.. LOL

I tell ya my kid is strange!
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My son likes peanut butter, not with broccoli though, but with celery. And you can put little raisins on top and call it ants on a log, I used to lvoe that when I was little.

Peanut butter is good because it is so filling. Just make sure that you do not give it to yoru kids too close to dinner.

I think that sweets are okay too but not to many. I am pretty sure that the baic principle of healthy eating is good nutritional meals and a moderate amount of sugar. I hope so anyways!
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Talking Hmm ok here goes...

(((((LuvinItAll Dacdjr mala))))))
All of your recipes and ideas are good. I used to give simple ones like peanut butter and crackers with some milk or raisins. Sometimes ice cream with fresh fruit. Mind you when that happened I made dinner sometimes a bit later or have a picnic themed meal...An extension on their snacks. Which worked out great. Love your ideas.

Have a great day!
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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