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Voices for Change: Patricia in Oregon

As middle classs America works hard just to get by in this struggling economy, supporters are sharing their stories of the hardships they witness in their own lives.

Patricia, 67, of Grants Pass, Oregon is a strong supporter of homemaking, earning herself the nickname “The American Homemaker.” To show her appreciation to the mothers and fathers who work so hard to support their families, Patricia designed special business cards that simply read “mom” or “dad.”
I’ve handed out over 2,700 business cards to moms and dads that I see doing a good job. When handing out the cards, I have heard many stories. Throughout these past seven years, the stories have become less hopeful and more dramatic.
Patricia remembers one mother in particular, whose story has become all too familiar for struggling families across America.
I attended an after-school event. And upon entering the restroom, I noticed a mom with her infant placed on a blanket on the floor, changing the diaper. Her toddler son was jumping around, being difficult. I leaned down and said, "You have earned this card."
She looked at the card and started to cry. Both she and her husband were working an assortment of part-time jobs. They were barely making ends meet and had no health insurance for themselves or their children. Just running in place. I listened quietly, but inside I felt such anger for the mounting problems such as hers that I have been hearing over the years.
A mother of three, Patricia has worked in years past with her representatives for legislation that benefits U.S. families, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act, which was first vetoed by President Bush Sr. before President Clinton signed it into law in 1993. Today, Patricia proudly supports Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s plan for a change in U.S. economic policy that puts middle class families first. For her, that change starts with an end to the War in Iraq and a commitment to green collar jobs.
I think we’ve got to get out of this unnecessary War in order to set any economic plan. Then I wonder, where are the jobs going to come from? …We could start jobs in the energy sector. If we had our money going into research for new energy sources instead of this War… We should have spent the last 8 years working on that.
In addition to ending the War in Iraq responsibly, Senators Obama and Biden have laid out a plan to invest in a clean energy economy and create 5 million new green jobs, as well as create new job training programs for clean technologies.
Patricia has been volunteering to help elect Barack Obama President on November 4th, as she longs for the change that U.S. families desperately need to turn this struggling economy around.
I believe that over the years, our families and our nation has been hurt by an unnecessary war in Iraq and trade agreements that leave our country without decent paying jobs… We need to focus on our schools, our children and their future. We’ve wasted 8 years going backwards, while the rest of the world has moved forward. The change that I want is a President and a Congress that will finally take good care of these U.S. families. After careful thought, I plan to vote for Barack Obama. We need him.
Find more information about Barack's plan to bring real change to our economy, and then share your own story about the issues facing you and your community.
Voices for Change is a series featuring profiles of Barack Obama's grassroots supporters from across the nation. The people who make up this movement come from all different backgrounds, but they share a common goal of helping bring about fundamental change in Washington.

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