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Introducing the Obama 08 iPhone App

With only 33 days left, it's more important than ever to call your friends and family to make sure they are registered and voting for Barack. We are excited to announce another way to help you organize your personal contacts and ask them to "get out and vote."
Today, we are launching an official iPhone Application, a free download for iPhone and iPod Touch users. This tool is designed to help you become more directly involved in our campaign to change our country.
The application has a "Call Your Friends" tool that helps you organize your contacts by key battleground states -- a feature we're hoping will generate thousands of additional personal contacts. You can also easily mark reminder notes to yourself on which friends you have called, who they are supporting and who wants a reminder call on Election Day. The information does not leave your phone (so your friends' and your own privacy are protected) but the total amount of calls the application makes are tallied, so you can keep track of your progress as we close in on November 4th.
The Obama 08 application also includes a tool to make it easy to find your local campaign office. Using your phone's current location, you can easily find a field office anywhere in the country (and even find directions to it using the mapping function).
Other features of the application include up to date news from the campaign, video, photos, and all of the issue information needed to use as talking points with your friends when convincing them to register and vote!
Please tell your iPhone users (and iPod Touch users) to download this app today. You can download the application here.
And all mobile users you can get news, updates, videos and more on your phone by texting SITE to 62262 to view our mobile WAP page.

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