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Road Blog: Barack in Newport News, Virginia

"It is time to do something different about health care." -- Sen. Barack Obama
Virginians came out en masse to Victory Landing Park in Newport News to hear Barack Obama discuss his plan for healthcare in America. It was an appropriate setting -- one of the origin stories for the name "Newport News" is that a group of original settlers who had been lost shared the "good news" on their return to settlement and safety.
The 18,000 folks who attended the rally today (according to Deputy Fire Marshal Captain Minga) were seekers of a different sort. They were looking for answers on healthcare, one of the most difficult issues of our time. Millions of Americans are currently left uninsured and millions more are paying more than they can afford for basic coverage.
Today's introducer, Kathryn Devocht, is on the front lines of the healthcare battle. Kathryn is an operating room nurse. She is witness to the dramatic increase in the numbers of patients who have been dropped from the care provided them by their employers, sometimes without even being told about it. She sees those who still have insurance unable to pay their premiums. Kathryn is supporting Barack Obama because she feels that Barack will be able to bring change to Washington and will make helping these struggling folks a priority of his administration.
Hear the speech in its entirety:
Arun Chaudhary
October 4th, 2008
Newport News, VA

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