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LOL, I guess I'll pick IRISH cuz I am a little IRISH!!! I have only posted here a few times quite a while ago and I really like this board. The only board I am really a part of is the AOL chow chow board, been there a very long time! I recently also found a country living board I check in on occ. HELLO to everyone!!! On 11/25/08 at 4:36 PM, a very long ranging dream of mine came thru and we moved to the country from 29 yrs in suburbs. When I say "country" - I really mean the woods. I am living at the base of a mountain in the woods with a driveway 1/8th of a mile long. I have no complaints. Want to take the next year or two and just live SIMPLE, away from it all ... most of my "stuff" is in storage. It is really a transition LACIE
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Hi Lacie,
Welcome to WOW. Speaking of wow that really is a transition you've made. Good luck to you. Hope it all works out. Keep us posted so that we know.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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Country Living

Thanks Irish Eyes. Every time I come here, I get a warm welcome ... I am so proud of myself I GOT BACK HERE TONIGHT!
I'm sure other women can relate ... ya get married, have kids, raise kids, take care of elderly relatives, pay off mortgage, work, everything is the same for so long ... then BAM, all of a sudden, the other half retires and man, it is REALLY time for all those plans you made when you were in your twenties. Actually, my husband retired four years early due to health issues so kinda was NOT prepared. I have only been over in country a month but we have owned the land for a very long time ... it is different and I have sensed family/friends waiting hesitantly for me to say OH MY GOD WHAT DID I DO? I DO NOT LIKE THIS! I really love it here ... probably moved at worst possible time of year re weather ... but I still love it! Driveway is 1/8th of a mile long ... one side of driveway is corn fields and other side is woods. We see deer, bear, racoons, bob cats, coyotes. Most important is how much our dogs love it here for me O:>) LACIE
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