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Angry Help me_Pls advice

I started a relationship with my friend ( family friend and family doctor too,close and attached to my family). He took care for my family similar we were there for him
Before started this I was kind alone for almost 4 years he was aware this fact.
It started when I was in pain and he was caring me then he first kissed me (i did like that) and later we became intimate. He told that he can?t marry me due to some personal reason and He still loves his ex . He imagined his ex doing physical act. He was very clear in his stand. I started relationship for sake sex or I thought it will ease my life and pain. After doing almost one month, I started feeling some emotional connection. When told him it would be very difficult for me to continue this relation and I expressed my feeling. He shocked and told me he never loved me nor he can love me. He just did sex for me and of course for him. But I felt if I continue this relation I will go in depression because, I have already started feeling depressed, crying for no reason.
I realized I need love more than sex whereas he cleared he wants only sex. He told me when a man loves a woman he doesn?t want sex all the time.
I knew I have misunderstood his care as love. I am responsible for my pain. Whatever has happened it happened due to my mistake.
Pls advice me about my stand not to meet him alone and discontinue this relation.Although,I part of mine is slightly unhappy due to loss of a friend ( the earlier person ). How to overcome pain, anger and stress.
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Well you have to get over this person who only used you for sex. Harsh to hear it say that way, but that is what I see. Yes it was perhaps mutual. Yet someone got hurt and it was you. Now that you are also in pain over the loss of a friend along comes the anger and stress. You need to get out and do active things. Meet new people. The best healer is time. Yet if you are getting depressed perhaps a counselor or therapist would help. Never know. Yet you are mature enough to realize part of the mistake was yours. His was for not being totally honest with you in the beginning. Hence get out and volunteer, become active with your community perhaps or go to college. This way you have several ways of being active yet moving forward. Perhaps along the way you will meet someone to love, yet you will also have new friends. I hope this helps as it was meant too.
Have a great day!
May you walk in the shadow of the Great Spirit~To help others is a special gift we can either give or take~The more you give the more you receive~
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Heartfelt Thanks

Thanks for your support and advice........

Have a great day ahead
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becky noel
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