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There are two guys on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean. The have escaped with thier lives after thier shank at sea.
So the one guy looks though the firstaid kit and finds a genie bottle. So he rubs the bottle and...poof out pops the genie.
"Thanks, but I'm telling you now I'm a one wish genie. So do not ask for more then one."the genie tells him.
"Okay I understand." says the guy who opened the bottle.Then he looks aroud at the ocean and tells the genie,"I wish the water as far as you could see was realy good beer."
The genie smiles and poof the ocean is beer.After doing this the genie poofs away to freedom. So the guy taste the beer and its the best he has ever had. Now the second guy looks at him and frowns.
"What?" the frist one says.
"Great now we'll have to pee in the boat." the second guy tells him.
Any and all typos I may make are in the name of science. My tests will be conclued when ever I get around to it.
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