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June 7th, 2011, 06:27 PM by ShaikaLP

Originally Posted by ShaikaLP View Post
When him and I got together he was in the middle of a divorce. She cheated on him multiple times and their 15 year old son caught her in bed with another man. She is mentally unstable and incredibly childish. Him and I recently got a house together (It has been a year since the divorce) and my mother helped pay for the down payment and I myself paid the whole first month payment. The first day his son comes to stay she insists on coming so she can 'check out' the place. She then throws a giant fit and refuses to get out of her car because I was here. It's MY house! Not to mention that is something a child would do. She then threw a fit and told me (over texts because she refuses to see/talk to my face) that she was going to not let him see his son unsupervised because I was around. She is ridiculous. I know she can't do that but it's just the fact that she is so stupid to try stuff like that. She won't let her son be around me(knowingly). She throws giant fits and refuses to let me be with him when he picks up his son or anything. I am SO sick of her. Worst part is, she calls him when she is upset/hurt/etc. and he listens to her whine! He's too nice to tell her to back the fuck off. Not to mention he is afraid to make her mad because she is so unstable. I wish she would fall of the face of the Earth!!!!

Just ranting, but does anyone have any similar experiences so I don't feel so alone/pissed? Anything that helps? UGH!
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((( ShaikaLP )))) Well if it has been found that she is unstable then for the safety of the child, I would think about doing paperwork to have the child removed. In some states if the child is of a certain age they can choose where they wish to live. Check that out. Yet keep documenting all the nonsense she is throwing out your way. For it will help all of you in the end. Hugs again
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