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Unhappy Hi Ex Wifes Cooking

Wondering if I am being totally paranoid... We have been living together for four months. His ex is trying to get him back using promises of sex at a motel, staying the night to which he refused. He was visiting the kids this past weekend and she sends him off with potato salad, which he loves. To me, she is not doing this out of the kindness of her heart, just another ploy to get him back. This is his first breakup of a marriage and he does not have a clue about how women's minds work. How should I handle this? We get along so well I don 't want to ruin our relationship, but I can't stand this. I have thought about trying to compare to telling him how great my ex was in bed and if I told him I was at his house and the sex was fabulous, just like always and asking him how he would feel. Women are territorial about love and most about their kitchens/cooking....the way to a man's heart is his stomach thing. any ideas? To clarify, he has only been married once for over 40 years and has never dated anyone else. Sex with him is great. He had no sex for five years with his ex. I don't want to lose him and make him think I fly off the handle at every little thing, but I feel like he might as well invite her in for sex and he had better never bring anything into my house she decided to send home with him. Other than knocking on the door to pick the kids up for a visit, I see no reason for him to even enter that house, much less let her send him out with stuff to try to entice him back. It is a sensitive subject for me anyway as I was married for over 20 years to a man who always complained about my cooking and cooked for himself. This one says he loves my cooking, but it is a touchy subject and I am hurting.

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Well pinkpanther you have a good idea there. Just mention how would he feel if you were having coffee with your ex. Then remembering all the wonderful times. How would he feel about it? Well then tell him how the potatoe salad she sent home with him is the same thing for you. Which is what I agree with on that. IF he doesnt like the way he'd feel if you had coffee with the ex of yours what is the difference with him coming home with her potatoe salad? Not much I will tell you. Sit down and explain this to him. How women will use whatever tool they have i.e. home made potatoe salad to get a man back in their lives. I mean being friends is one thing but undermining a new relationship is wrong. Hope this helps. Hugs
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