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fyi these ppl not mad at the help coming in they piss at the government i would be to ......
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Family Politics Abound

Hiya ladies,

Yesterday was my step-brother's wedding to his long time partner. Given the recent change to Canada's marriage laws they are legally married. I am very happy for them and wish them both the best.

Over the past year or so they have intentionally been public about their relationship. They agreed to be the couple that the media interviewed anytime there was positive or negative change to gay rights in Alberta (an extremely right-winged province).

Ever since the marriage laws began debate in Canada my partner and I opted for the oposit path...... we became more private. Those who know, know. Those who don't aren't paying attention. It works for us.

Our opposing attitude has caused some tention with my step-family. They do not understand why my partner and I are living "under the radar". That said, they fear their own safety because the boys were (and still are) so public. Go figure.

Back to the wedding. My step-brother was smart enough to inform me in advance that a friend who works for one of the local tv stations would be bringing a camera man along. I agreed to attend the wedding in spite of my intent to avoid the media.

Here is where it gets funny. I am at the ceremony site sitting with some of my cousins in the back row. As I sit down the camera man waves intently at me. I focus in, get a great big smile on my face, excuse myself from the seating area and run over to give an old friend a big hug. I went to university with one of his ex-girlfriends of all things and have known him for about 10 years. Anyway, I asked Jon not to publish any shots with me in it and he promised me he would do lots of group span shots and zero in on my as often as possible. he is not My mother watched the news last night and this morning informed me that Jon kept his word.... I was not in any of the shots from what my mother could tell.

Sometimes it is great that the world is so small. In knowing the camera man I was able to make light of the situation as was my step-family.

If only all things in life were that easy to work around.
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Thoughts on Katrina

My understanding is that several countries have offered aid in the wake of Katrina's devistation. Among those countries are Iran, Northern Vietnam, Cuba, and Venezuela. Cuba and Venezuela are offering oil. Canada has offered war ships.

It is so sad to see the images of New Orleans and other areas destroyed by the hurricane. My heart goes out to all of the citizens who have lost loved ones, their homes, and livelihoods.
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I have a little something for everyone

Shirley Chisholm was the first black woman to run for President, in 1972; she was also the first black woman elected to Congress, 1968 (Democrat)

They can't just yank the troops out of Iraq. They're there now, they've been there a while; to pull them all out now would create a huge vacuum and the insurgents would take over. Then we can count on a lot more terrorist attacks at home & overseas. I don't know how Bush will get himself out of this mess, but . . .

I was forwarded an article from PlanetOut concerning Katrina. I really really like my newest bumper sticker, which reads: "Focus on your OWN damn family"

And finally, more about Katrina. There are 30,000 troops there now. Remember, the rescuers have to eat and sleep, too. That said, ever since the hurricane hit I have wanted more than ANYTHING to go down there and help. This would be the right time to be out of a job, but no, I had to be jobless when the economy was doing just fine and gas was under $1.30/gallon. Sheesh.....

If it weren't for my job, my kids, and my animals, I'd be there, welcome or not, trying to help the victims and find those still stranded in the wreckage. *sigh*
All we could do was buy a bunch of extra stuff when we went grocery shopping Sunday. We dropped some of it off at a collection point and the rest the kids will take to school.

...I know it's not enough but ...I'm stuck here
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