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I recently read a newspaper article on women being allowed to fight on the front line if they pass the same fitness tests as men...what are your views on this topic?

BTW, I'm in Australia and this topic is just starting to be brought up in the media...before this women have only been allowed to fly in emergency supplies to the front line soldiers and they were behind the operation of medical assistance. They only carried weapons for self defence- these were just about the only jobs they were allowed to do during battles (as far as I know anyway).
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great site w/ info about women in the military

Check out this site Called ?Women Making History ? Today.? (www.csmonitor.com/women) it?s a facet of http://www.csmonitor.com, the online edition of The Christian Science Monitor.

Comprised of more than 150 past Monitor articles on women, it is a great resource because it is updated weekly with fresh content. It's got several stories about women in the military as well as women in law enforcement positions. This story: http://www.csmonitor.com/atcsmonitor...ork033100.html
is about the first woman commander of a navy warship.

Check it out at http://www.csmonitor.com/women. I hope you?ll find it to be very useful.

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I served in an Airborne unit, and was in a forward battalion (meaning we jumped with the front.) I severed my time in combat zones, on the mythical front line, including surviving more ambushes than I care to remember.

I did just fine.

It isnt for everyone, male or female, but women have more endurance and more pain tolerance. It was a non-issue in my unit (BTW we were attached to 160th Special Operations Airborne Regiment and Task Force Ranger. Myself and 5 other women were the only ones in the area of operations tasked to the rangers. Like I said, we did just fine though I watched 2 men from my unit crack up, and saw a butterbar from 10th mt suicide.
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reply to sugar

I served six years in the US Army, including service in the Gulf War and Serbo Croatia. One of my largest complaints with the military is its inequal treatment of men and women in training and combat service. Women should be trained to the standards of male soldiers and treated with the same training and service requirements.This means weight training for women for equal physical performance.It means shaving female recruits' heads in basic training.It means expecting women to carry the seventy pound field pack and march the hundred mile march. It means women shouldn't be allowed to use their "femininity" or "time of the month" or size or any other excuse for not lifting the load, marching the mile or doing the job. Too many female recruits join and then don't want to perform the duties. They allow men to make excuses for them and they seek the office jobs so they don't get field duty.This gives male military all the rationale it needs to confine women to non-combatant, support roles, to insist they aren't up to the task because look, they can't carry the load.The common comment is "I don't want to think about protecting some chick in my foxhole while I'm under fire." Of course women can do any field combat job a man can, with weight-lifting women can be as strong or stronger than a man-but they will never be allowed "in" if they aren't consistent in insisting that they receive ALL the training and be held to the SAME requirements as men.Until then they get special treatment,special sexist treatment.Don't think what I'm describing is uncommon.I was ashamed of the vast majority of women I served with in the army.I had to work a thousand times harder than necessary to prove I wasn't deadweight.Most humiliating thing was listening to female soldiers in the gulf complaining because there weren't any showers,not quietly to themselves,loudly to command.A group of various ranks because "Women need showers to be clean." Get over that if you want to go to war.Women are capable and I met some but I also met a lot of whining,mewling,simpering little girls who would have been weeded out in basic if they'd been held to battle-ready standards.
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