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Angry Single mother needing help to get my Daughter.. Please Help?

[Please help me? My daughters father has not brought her back and is trying to take me to court and i can't get help to get her back... I have primary custody but he took her out of state and i have been unable to find an attorney to take my case.. What should i do? Please Reply?
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The only thing I would know to do would be call the police, and contact all of the human service groups that you can. DHS or CPS? I hope you've found some help by now.
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If you have a court order for primary custody go to the court as he has violated the order.If you know what state he is in you can notify the police in that area.
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I wonder if she will ever come back and give us an update.
If my child was missing cause my estranged ex husband took him, I wouldnt be posting on the intrenet cause I dont think they have access in prison.
Ugg dont want to get started on ex husbands
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Makes me wonder????

If she has the court order someone would have been able to help.

There are lawyers out there dying to get their hands on cases like this.

They would crave the publicity it would cause. Remember a teacher telling us that some people love to have their name in print. Whether it's good or bad the name would be there. Someone would recognize that name. ( Hince all the publicity stunts that are pulled by actors, and lawyers etc.)

Taking the child out of state without permission could lead to kidnapping charges. Just thinking out loud.

Was a missing child report filled out?

Is this person ever coming back here to let us know?

Will these questions ever stop???
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Re: Single mother needing help to get my Daughter.. Please Help?

Originally posted by Dragons_Horizon
[Please help me? My daughters father has not brought her back and is trying to take me to court and i can't get help to get her back... I have primary custody but he took her out of state and i have been unable to find an attorney to take my case.. What should i do? Please Reply?
First make sure you have every last and current court paper that state who has what custody, visitaion, to where and with whom. Make sure of that. Call the police, it usually works best if you call the state police, as it has been my experience that county officers lack the get up and get it done attitude. Call the state police, let them know what time your daughter was to be back in your custody.. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL CURRENT court papers if you dont he can always say that you agreed to something. Next.. Do you know where out of state or to what state that your ex took your daughter? If you know call the state police there in that state. Let them know of the situation.
Now let me tell you this...
Your ex cannot run off to another state and file anything about custody. Now after having said that lemme say this.. HE can file a protection order, he is probably gonna make you out to be an abusive parent and that he had to go out of state with the child inorder to protect her.
Secondly, if any state takes this case they have to check with the state that has JURISDICTION over the parties.. namely you and your husband and your child. The state in which your divorce and custody orders took place. Now the state that your ex is in.. will have to take alot into thought.. Has the father(your ex) lived in that state for the required period of time. Where does the child usually reside, and with whom?
Has there been any abuse in the home where the child resides?
I know this seems like a lot but these are the things that every state HAS TO go thru.. NO STATE can give a fther custody without goin thru all the required RED TAPE.
I would say that your ex is baiting you, to see if you will make a wrong move, that will make you look bad and him look good.
You wanna know what I would do??
And yes I have done it before..
FInd out where your ex is at, what state, what county, if you can the address.
Go to the nearest State Plolice Post to that county. Make them aware of the situation, court papers, court documents, if you dont have copies of EVERYTHING, then you take the chance of a he said she said case. I know that gettin all your papers in order may seem like your not concerned about your child, but if you dont the police cant belive you. I know.
Once you have talked with the state police, and they have given you the go ahead, and with me I didnt wait for a go ahead, but make sure that they know you are goin to the Sheriffs office of the county in which your daughter is, and your goin to try to get the police involved to get her back into your custody. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALWAYS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW. I know you love your child, and I know what it feels like to feel like you have lost your child and that no one who has the power to will do anything to help.
To be blunt, I know it feels like no one gives a damn. But dont give up, you will find someone who does. Lookon the internet and try to find a Women's Shelter or some kind of Advocay Program that may be able to put you with the right people who can help you avoid Court costs and get your daughter back, with any luck your ex can be charge with kidnapping.
Hope I helped out.
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