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Shy girl likes shy guy. What now?


I just want to know if it's possible for a shy girl and a shy guy to get together. See, I like this guy I work with, and I THINK he likes me... He'll come over to my work area to talk to me about a few things we have in common. But he always figeting with something or looking over his shoulder. It's so hard to get him too look me in the eyes. And I would like to talk to him more, but I'm scared that I'll get hurt if he knows I like him for sure. I don't think he's got a girlfriend, but if I ask him out and he says no, I'll die (not to mention, never want to go to work again). Oh, by the way, he works on 1st shift and I work on 2nd shift, so we only see each other for about five minutes each day. But let me tell you, I look forward to those five minutes.

BTW... He's 29 and I'm 24.

Any advice?
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Hello Michelle and welcome to WOW. Maybe you can see if a group of you want to go somewhere for a starting point. If you ever have the chance drop by Womensspace during a chat and ask some of the ladies for advice.
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I think maybe you should just send him some small little things that you would even send a normal friend. You can never go wrong with e-cards. My favorite site for those is Hipstercards.com. They have great cards for everything so why not try that.
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