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domestic violent victim her and her kids need help

IS there any way you could help or know someone who can ? I do not know if this is the right way to do this but I am requesting prayers for a very close friend

of mine. She is a young mom of three small children she is a wonderful mother and loves those kids more than anything . she has been in a very bad car

accident. she has a broken nose fractured face ,hurt back and broken foot that has had two surgeries and is going to be facing more in the future. She had just

left her physically and emotionally abuse husband when this happened. He beat her up and was arrested but was just let out of jail. he has threatened to take

the kids and kill her and she is very scared for her and her kids. She is unable to walk now and I am trying to help her the best that I am able but I too am

disabled and also trying to take care of my mother and two small nephews my father passed away last week. . She is in desperate need of any and all help she

can get. Anything will be appreciated. She is in need of groceries or donated food anything and basic living items. , the kids are in need of warm clothes and

school clothes and she is facing eviction she cannot pay her rent by next week her heat will be shut off and her electric will be cut she got the cut

off notice for this month and clothing for her and the children . her husband threw out most of her and the kids belongings and what he didnt throw

out he broke and damaged them. If you cannot help please just keep this young mother in your prayers. I do not know how posting this prayer for her may help

but I am hoping it reaches someone that may be able to find it in their heart to help her. God bless. I have strong faith and so does she in our
heavenly father and I know somehow she will get through this. . Please contact pennydog1719@yahoo.com if you would like her contact information.or call me at *** and we can talk. God Bless P.S. I am not going to give out her address because she is hiding from her husband right now but I will get it to her if anyone can help.

***edited by sysop to remove phone number***
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I will pray for her. I too was the victim of such abuse.I have been living the good life for 12 years with a good man.She can overcome all with God's love. I will ask my friend to pray for her too. God Bless you Lori Vinton
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I too will pray for this woman and her children. I am in Canada and if she is here then I would like to reach out and help her in any way I can.
My new partner has just came from an abusive situation and I understand how terrible this is for women and their children.
If I can be of any help, please email me at lorraine2@myway.com
IN the meantime, my prayers and thoughts are with this family, and I know My Lord will be with them and find a way through all these burdens that seem so heavy right now.....God bless this family.
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