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Strange joke

Last night I woke up and my boyfriend had his hands around my neck/throat. I told him to stop and rolled over away from him. He said he was just kidding. What is up with that?
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Has he ever behaved in this or any other abusive way toward you before?

Remember, abuse is not always physical; it can be verbal (put-downs, cursing, verbal attacks), emotional (put downs or restricting your access to friends, social activities, or leisure activities you enjoy), economical (restricting your access to a shared account, for instance), or it can involve damage to property, theft, or physical harm to pets.

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, I'd definitely say you have cause for concern. And even if you answered "no", I'd call him on it. "Playing out" acts of violence isn't a joking matter.

My two cents.
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I must agree with WA. No kind of physical contact like THAT should be considered a joke. I've run into a few similar incidents and lashed out by responding that if they laid one more hand on me like that, they'll never see me again. The other incident was a stranger who hit me. I gave him a quick right hook to the jaw, which took him by surprise. I refuse to tolerate that kind of behavior from anyone.

Sorry to be so uppity about this subject - I feel very strongly about it, as I'm sure you can tell. What's not right is not right.
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