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Angry Please Help Me!!!

ok so i met my current guy about 1.5months ago! he is sooooo GREAT!!! BUT he has a friend that is living on his couch. He moved in right when i met my man. They are waiting for my mans lease to end so they can get a two bedroom. The Problem: He never goes away...my man always has him with us. Every night i cook (and i love to cook) but i am cooking for three not two like it should be. i just want some alone time. the only time we ever have alone is in the bedroom. And i think i might go crazy...what should i do!!! what can i say!! help me please!!!
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I don't think you have much of a choice but to put up with it. That's where he lives--and if his 'bed' is on the couch then perhaps you and your guy should go to your house if you want to be together by yourselves.

He moved in when you met this guy, which means the two of them knew each other longer than you and your guy have known one another--which is roughly 6 weeks.

As far as feeding 3 instead of two, that is a whole different issue. Your boyfriend should not be allowing his boy to mooch food, unless he's the one buying the groceries--then I think you need to realize that you're cooking for 3 people until your boyfriend steps up and says something to his friend.

But here is what you're dealing with: two guys who've known each other a lot longer than you have known this guy. Many guys are loathe to allow a girl to come between their friendship, so take care in how you proceed in this so as to not alienate this guy you just met
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