Shameless Self Promotion

Transformations - Our self-help, support group, and 12 Step forum.

Women Online Worldwide - Our women's forum. Nightly hosted chats.


MacWeek - Always good for a depressing story or two. When we were on eWorld, MacWeek came out on Friday nights. Everyone knew I would be infuriated on Saturday from reading it. - The best little paper on the Web. Their breaking stories are free, which converted me from reading the SJMN.

Hotwired - Not the whole mag, just the Flux and Net Soup columns.

CNN Interactive - Great source for news in depth.

The Herald Badger - One man keeps the small-town newspaper alive. See particularly the Seed and Feed section, and Unfortunate Wedding Announcements.

CNet - Simply the best source of information about the Web and online services.


Centre for the Easily Amused - One of my favorites. Try it, you won't be sorry.

Virtual Flowers - Send your online honey a cyberbouquet.

For those anal days.....

The Butt Page - A clinical study of things people have been known to, um, er.....well, it's the Rectal Foreign Body Page. It's had 432,209 visitors to date this year, so somebody cares.

Joseph Pujol, the Fartiste - The true story of a Frenchman who made his living by, um, playing tunes with his...uh, go look.


Elements of Style - Strunk's classic rules of composition and grammar. Perhaps if everyone webbed over and read this in its entirety, I would never have to suffer the agony again of seeing "alot" used as if it were a real word, or have to cringe over "between you and I." Arrrrrggggghhhhhh. If you didn't know, ALOT is NOT a real word!!! There, now, I feel better.