Why is she on the Web?

A few hours a day, I am a Ph.D. psychologist in private practice in Atlanta, GA.

Every other waking hour, I am the Publisher of three Web forums (fora for the purists). The first baby was QWorld, a gay and lesbian community. QWorld was a huge success, so we built the other two forums that we originated on eWorld, Apple's now defunct online service. Closing eWorld was one of a long line of idiotic Apple decisions, since they had the technology to move eWorld to the Web, and didn't. They had the idea to do so before Prodigy, CompuServe, and MSN did, but being Apple, could not follow through. But I digress.

The second was Transformations, a self-help, support group, and 12 Step forum. This one is dear to my heart since I had a long history of relationships with practicing alcoholics before I joined Alanon 14 years ago.

The third, but perhaps not the last since I may have a few more viable Web-eggs left, is Women Online Worldwide.

Nothing is constant but change.... I hate that.