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Good Riddance! (Part V)

by Connie O'Donnell

Well, we did make it home that last time and did go straight to the dealer where we sat and waited in a little room while the salesman and the manager secretly discussed what they would give us for the "lovely" RV sitting in front of the door to their showroom. As we sat there, I noticed that we had not even stopped to close the doors before rushing into their building.

I also noticed a nice looking elderly couple circling the MFRV, and they had that dreamy look in their eye that I so recognized! I wanted to run out and say "RUN, old people, RUN!" but Tom held me back. We quietly discussed what we would consider taking for it. We giggled and agreed that if it was anything over $100, we'd shake on it.

They offered us $6000. We shined their boots and kissed their rings, if I remember correctly.

So, it was finally over. We pulled out of that lot and never looked back. In the next week, we got our truck, picked up the shiny new slide-in truck camper, and were once again "happy campers."

Sometime in the weeks following the trade in, Howard, our salesman called to ask a question about the air conditioning in the MFRV. As Tom talked to him on the phone, I cringed, expecting this albatross to somehow be back in our lives. The question was answered and Howard gave Tom the news that the MFRV would be heading to SWEDEN! It seems they love them over there, and they can get parts!

So, chances are we would never see it again. Whew! This was so traumatic for us that I think that if we had been planning a little vacation to Sweden, we'd have canceled immediately.....just in case we might encounter that cream colored devil one more time.

So, I'd like to tell you that the lovely truck camper was the answer to all our dreams, but it was not. We had no real problems with it, except for the fact that getting into the bed required a climb that got a little old. If one is young and doesn't get up several times a night to use the teeny bathroom, it probably would work. We are not young.

So, what did we do just recently? We traded that truck camper in on a small ALL ON ONE LEVEL trailer. We took our maiden voyage in it just recently and we are "happy campers."

Wait, did I say that before?

For now then, we are quite pleased with our little Casita trailer and have no plans to trade it for anything. Thank you for listening to my little saga here and if you are ever in Sweden, do NOT buy a used Winnebago Le Sharo, no matter how nice it looks from the outside.

The End.

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Connie O'Donnell and her recently retired husband Tom, spend summers in Kentucky in a cabin on the river and winters in sunny Florida. Connie admits that they have become pretty impulsive, and that some of those decisions have "worked" and some...okay...MANY... have not. It's the "have nots" that are the more interesting stories!

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