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Thanks to all who write to us!
We appreciate the feedback; all letters mentioning a particular article are linked to that article, our volunteer writers love hearing from their readers! You may also post comments about particular features in the WOW Tapestry magazine folder of the Message Boards We invite you to share your thoughts about our features; we're building a community of women online worldwide!

Oh, how I look forward to reading Linda's works of art. Within a few short paragaphs, she creates visions which affect my vision for days.

She is a gem.
Natalie Vishny

I just finished reading Hands of Time by Carol Ann Erhardt. What a wonderful piece! It transported me to the loving mother I wish I had. Thank you Carol, and may your hands continue to produce many more articles for Tapestry.


I just wanted you to know how much I loved the article Hands Of Time by Carol Anne Erhardt. This is a timeless piece and one that should be shared with every mother and daughter. Thanks for sharing this masterpiece.

Linda Barnett-Johnson

Just finished reading Linda Thomas' story about her father's visit to England (The Reunion) and discovering the grave of his war-time buddy. The tears are still fresh on my face. The older I get (I'm 62), the more I am aware of these "threads" that sometimes connect in such a serendipitous fashion.

The more I look for and expect it, the more it happens!

What an uplifting story. Thank you.
Dawn in Nashville

Dear Leslie--
great new stuff --and again, a winner from Linda Thomas. I really liked her meditation on naming. This is, I am sure, great information for most of us-- and a compassionate look into the way we identify--

Marjorie C. Luesebrink

Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying Tapestry. I found it due to someone mentioning Trudi Wood's work and read her article on date rape. The contents of the articles showed that no matter how diverse we are, our sense of community comes from sharing our basic womanhood. Keep up the good work! Tapestry is now a regular routine for me and I'm sharing the news with friends that we finally have a place for insightful, well done and just plain fun reading. Congratulations and best wishes on your continued success.

Deborah Dyer

I am very impressed by the quality of the writing and the cohesiveness of your magazine. Each article is like another tasty tidbit in a 14 course Chinese banquet. Congratulations to the writers and the editorial staff on a job well done.

Best wishes,

Sheila Langevin

Tapestry is fantastic! Great work by all and congratulations on putting together a fine magazine.

Cynthia Galnick

I absolutely love this site! I've sent links to every woman I know with Internet access. When I read the columns, I feel as if I'm finally talking to people who speak my language! I believe I've heard more common sense, more insight, and more truth here than anywhere I can remember. Keep up the good work!

Gina Evans

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